Mobile Video Creation

There’s an increasing pressure to create and share video content. This workshop is a short, hands on introduction to creating video using simple technology.

Social Media Community & Crisis Management

Having a plan for dealing with negativity on social media is vital. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it but better that you’re prepared. Not only that, having a clear plan gives you the confidence to be more active online, safe in the knowledge that you can deal with whatever your community throws at you.

SEO for Marketing Professionals

Without having to become a technical expert, it’s important as a marketeer and communications specialist to understand your influence on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This workshop is a helpful overview of the factors you need to consider when creating content and promoting your organisation online to ensure a positive impact on search results.

LinkedIn Profile and Networking

Even if you don’t actively network on LinkedIn, your profile speaks volumes on its own. It represents you to colleagues, customers, journalists, events organisers and recruiters. Keeping up to date benefits you no matter how active or inactive you are on LinkedIn week to week.